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Steven Adams Contract Details, Salary, and Career Earnings

nzl New Zealand
6 ft-11 in
Rotorua, New Zealand
Oklahoma City Thunder, 2013 NBA Draft, 1st round (12th pick, 12th overall)
Current Salary
Current Team
Memphis Grizzlies

Steven Adams Contract

Steven Adams signed a 2 – Year $35,000,000 contract with the New Orleans Pelicans on November 24, 2020 , he will earn an average salary of $17,500,000 per year. Steven Adams will earn a salary of $17,926,829 for the 2021-22 NBA season, which is 49% of his current contract.

Contract: $35,000,000
Average Salary: $17,500,000
Team: New Orleans Pelicans
Duration: 2021-22 – 2022-23

Season Team Base Salary
2021-22 Memphis Grizzlies $17,073,171
2022-23 Memphis Grizzlies $17,926,829

Salary Breakdown

Steven Adams salary breakdown for the 2021/22 NBA season, based on his current salary of $17,926,829 which he will earn this year. This includes his salary per month, salary per game, salary per quarter, and salary per minute.

Salary 2021/22: $17,926,829
Salary Per Month: $1,493,902
Salary Per Game: $248,983.74
Salary Per Quarter: $62,245.93

Recent Transactions

July 26, 2021
Traded from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Memphis Grizzlies along with Eric Bledsoe, the 10th and 40th picks in the 2021 NBA Draft for Jonas Valanciunas, the 17th and 51st picks in the 2021 NBA Draft.

Previous Contract

Steven Adams signed a 4-year $100 million contract Extension on Friday, October 31, 2016, with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Contract: 4-yr $100,000,000
Average Salary: $25,000,000
Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Steven Adams Career Earnings

Steven Adams has earned a total of $111,760,003 so far from his NBA career with an average annual salary of $12,417,778 from his rookie season ( 2013-14 ) to present.

NBA Career Total Earnings: $111,760,003 ( 9 -Years )
Average Career Salary Per Year: $12,417,778
Highest Career Salary: $29,592,695
Lowest Career Salary: $2,090,880
Career Earnings Per game: $190,068 ( Based on 588 Games Played )
Career Earnings Per Quarter: $47,517

Season Team Base Salary
2013-14 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,090,880
2014-15 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,184,960
2015-16 Oklahoma City Thunder $2,279,040
2016-17 Oklahoma City Thunder $3,140,517
2017-18 Oklahoma City Thunder $22,471,910
2018-19 Oklahoma City Thunder $24,157,304
2019-20 Oklahoma City Thunder $25,842,697
2020-21 New Orleans Pelicans $29,592,695
Career Total (Ongoing) $111,760,003